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Kazan National Research Technical University

Kazan, Russia
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About University: KNRTU-KAI was one of the first twelve national research universities which were announced in 2009 by Russian Government and is one of the leading universities in Volga region of Russia. The university enrols over 12000 students and employs over 700 academicians. Since 2012 internationalization became a key priority for the university, resulting in increasing amount of international students in various programmes It is the leading engineering university in Republic of Tatarstan which has own unique technologies in the fields of composite materials, intermutation and hardening of surfaces, physical aspects of engine-building technologies, solid fuels, heat engineering and heat-and-mass transfer, energy efficiency, computing systems, aeronautics certification procedures including wind tunnel testing, and a few other. In all of the above mentioned fields KNRTU-KAI is working together with industry by providing research and development services. It's main clients today are "Kazan helicopter-building plant" joint-stock company, "Ulan-Ude aviation building plant" joint-stock company, "Aviastar-SP" joint-stock company, "KamAZ" joint-stock company, "Kazan vehicle building plant" joint-stock company, "Zelenodolsk ship-building plant named after A.M.Gorky" joint-stock company, “Betar” equipment building company, which are industry leaders in their fields of expertise. KNRTU-KAI runs a technology park and two business incubators, one of them in Kazan and the other in Chistopol autonomous campus. KNRTU-KAI in collaboration with Betar specializes in statistical instruments for quality management. KNRTU-KAI is a member of Association for Engineering Education in Russia, runs the German-Russian Institute for Advanced Technologies (GRIAT) established with 3 German universities, is a member of PEGASUS Association of Aeronautics and Space Universities.
Legal Representative
Prof. Dr.
Albert Gilmutdinov
Rector of Kazan National Research Technical
+ (843) 238-41-10
Project Coordinator from University
Anna Svirina
Head of Engineering Economics and Management
+7(917) 275-92-92