RSUE is a co-organizer and participant of the second stage of the large-scale data-hackathon World Al & Data Challenge

13 July 2021
Rostov State University of Economics
Partner University:
Rostov State University of Economics

RSUE organized the second stage of the large-scale data-hackathon World Al & Data Challenge jointly with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the regional and university co-working spaceBoiling Point with the support of the government of Rostov region and the Ministry of Economic Development of Rostov region.

The participants of the hackathon were specialists from different areas of software development, university students, staff from IT companies who applied projects individually or in a group. Traditionally, the AI ​​& Data Challenge consists of three stages. First, countries, regions, communities and universities put forward problems or situations of interest to them for a competition of problems. At the first stage, the regional co-working space together with RSUE’s co-working space “Boiling Point” presented the task on creating the service “Regional ecosystem for supporting entrepreneurs based on an intelligent digital platform”. Then the teams of developers and data analysts participated in the competition of solutions for the assigned tasks. The best-developed solutions will be implemented throughout Russia, and they will be presented for replication in other countries. In addition, participants will be able to compete for a prize fund of 5.5 million rubles or more.

The World AI&Data Challenge project pursues the following main objectives:

- uniting states, communities, data owners, IT and Data specialists in order to introduce changes in the world;

- solving global socio-economic problems using AI & Data;

- the practical development of competencies in state bodies for data-based management, competencies in the field of AI & Data among the data-community.

The ecosystem of the project includes:

- 600 ASI public representatives in 85 regions;

- 110 Boiling Points in the country;

- 140 partner universities

A total of 8000 participants are involved in the project.

Rostov region together with RSUE as a co-organizer and participant is actively engaged in hackathons for the implementation of digital solutions and the development of IT communities. The Atlas NPO digital platform developed in 2020 as part of the data hackathon was included in the bank of best practices for digital transformation of the regions of Russia.

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