RSUE has launched two new master’s ICT-based programs

2 September 2021
Rostov State University of Economics
Partner University:
Rostov State University of Economics

In 2021-2022 academic year, RSUE has launched two new master programs that respond to the needs of the current labor market and business needs. Both programs are ICT-based and would provide a master’s degree that is a requirement for senior management staff at enterprises and public entities.

The programs are:

  • Area of studies "Information Security", program "Information Security of the Digital Economy",

  • Area of studies "Applied Mathematics and Informatics", program "Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Economy".

The programs were elaborated on the basis of the profound internal gap analysis, as well as the external gap analysis of the programs of the partner universities in the frame of the UXiship project. The relevance of the above programs lies not only in the hard skills to be formed among its students and graduates indispensable in the digital economy era today, but in the soft skills in the field of entrepreneurship that will be deepened and strengthened by means of completing a number of new courses of the programs, namely Instrumental methods of system analysis and decision support systems”, “Instrumental methods and technologies of project management”, “Business orientation and teamwork”, “Philosophical aspects of personality development in social and professional activities, etc.

Apart from the new master programs RSUE’s Faculty of Computer Technologies and Information Security renewed the curricula of its other ICT-related master programs, namely the area of studies "Applied Informatics", programs "Intelligent Web-technologies" and "Information systems and technologies in business”, and the area of studies "Software Engineering", program "System and Applied Software". The changes involve the inclusion of two new disciplines "Business orientation and team interaction", 2 ECTS, test and "Philosophical aspects of personality development in social and professional activities", 3 ECTS, exam.

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